Cuba excursions for Havana’s 500th birthday

Private Havana Cuba excursions

Cuba Explorer excursions are designed by Cuban cultural emissaries, architects, historians, and expert guides. You witness Cuba through the eyes of Cubans.

Microadventures Cuba Explorer has helped thousands of guests visit Cuba since 1997 on extended tours. Our private excursions feature just the highlights. We welcome people from all nations. We offer excursions in English, German, French, and Spanish.

Up close and personal You venture beyond packed tourist venues. You get to know Havana, its culture and people intimately. You return home with a privileged understanding of what makes Cuba special.

Excursions just for you, your family, and friends. These are private experiences, the opposite of cruise ship big group junkets. Also different: your excursion fees are used to restore Old Havana, and fund social projects for Cubans who live there.

Guiding light Our excursion guides ensure epiphany encounters. They are Cuban cultural ambassadors. Their knowledge, language skills, and fun-loving personalities endear you to them. Your guide will become your new best friend in Cuba.